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  2. sorry didnt get an email that you had posted. Yes the light is still available PM me for details
  3. NEW @ MD: Pax Bellum ARID Algae Reactors Grow Chaeto to export nutrients in systems 40-1000 gallons!
  4. I just purchased one from the link Dan posted.
  5. Last week
  6. This is a used Eheim canister filter - in use for around one year. Have decided to downsize a few aquariums and this is no longer needed. Works perfectly and comes with all the needed tubing and filtration media. Completely quiet - you will not hear this filter once set up. Retails for $99 new. Eheim's Classic style canister filters provide top of the line quality in filtration. The simple, yet highly effective Classic design provides three stages of filtration -- mechanical, chemical & biological -- to keep your water clean, clear and healthy for your beloved aquarium inhabitants! The compact design includes a large volume canister with a super quiet pump and all of the accessories you need to run your filtration, right out of the box! Simple Maintenance Classic filters feature complete inlet and outlet tubing with quick-disconnect double-isolating valves, allowing you to quickly shut off water flow within the filter and tubing. Simply close each double valve and remove your filter for cleaning while the inlet and outlet tubes remain in place. The Eheim 2213 Classic Canister Filter is rated for aquariums up to 66 gallons and has a maximum flow rate of 116 gph. Measures 6.3 in. x 6.3 in. x 13 in.
  7. It's time again for some HOT new eBay auctions. We have some of our best WWC designer frags this week on these auctions as we get ready for Macna in New Orleans next week. As always... - Auctions begin at $.99 Cents - No reserves - Combine multiple auctions to ship together Click on any image below to go to the auctions. Click Here
  8. ⚡ Friday Flash Sale! Save $10 on AquaMaxx!
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  10. NEW! Reef Glass - Our Smallest Nano Skimmer Ever Finally a protein skimmer that fits into most all AIO aquariums!
  11. Vectra S1: The Smallest Pump Yet From EcoTech Marine The all-new Vectra S1 is small enough to fit into your nano tank-sized sump!
  12. We are continuing to bring the HOT corals to our eBay auctions. 350+ New eBay auctions are now up and begin to end on Monday at 8pm EST - No Reserve - Start at $.99 cents - Combine all items for one shipping cost Click on any image below to go to the auctions [/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  13. Gonna have to let this tank go as I have no room to keep it. I've had it covered and stored in a friends house now for a little over a year, and they are moving... I'll get another one from Felix when the time comes. I'll get more pictures up this week. The image with the sump is just to show the interior, and the last image is when I first got it. $2500 -150g Rimless ReefSavvy -Dimensions - 48x30x24 -3 Sided Starfire, 3/4" Glass, Black seals -Glass Internal/External Overflow/Drain boxes. External box is off the tank currently, but I will reattach it using Momentive RTV103 as it was previously attached when I built and installed the overflow boxes. Internal box is smoked to blend with the black background. -BeanAnimal Silent Drain System installed (Can handle just about any gph you want for this size system). All Drain and Return Plumbing is with the system. (Return Plumbing comes up over the back). All plumbing is hard secured to the stand. See Images -Custom Stand Built by Oceans Below - Formica White Interior (Sealed at all seams), and a Black Exterior. Both doors are held on with Magnets, so removing them is easy for plenty of access below with the hindrance of "open doors". -I built a custom lid for this tank also. Yes, it defeats the purpose of a rimless tank, but I didn't want to lose hundreds worth of jumpers. The lid is roughly 4.5" high, and has corner braces that you can drop a framed screen into. It is also open enough at the so that 1" returns can come over the back and into the tank. -There is a scratch on the left front glass, not noticeable when it has water in it. -You will need a sump. A 40g Breeder fits in the stand easily through the front. Pushed to 1 side as I had it, it leaves roughly 1 foot of space on the side and front of the sump. Plenty of room to pout dosing containers, etc. I had 3g Alk and Cal containers in there without issue. Easy to fill when needed.
  14. Introducing Tunze Care Bacter NEW VIDEOS! Featuring Tunze, ESV, and Dissekt-Rite!
  15. DON’T forget to check these deals out! Make sure to check out all the items here: https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html
  16. EcoTech Marine: 0% APR Financing for a Limited Time! Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with financing rates from 0-30% APR!
  17. No more water changes? New from ATI: ATI Lab, Essentials, Elements, and DP-6 Doser!
  18. https://www.tapatalk.com/
  19. ya, I should of said except mangroves, lol. But I will be adding some.
  20. I am not familiar with tapatalk, what makes it different than viewing the site on it mobile site?
  21. I too use Tapatalk, I wish this forum was available on it as well.
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  23. Mangroves!
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