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  2. We have landed at RAP New York and we are excited to see everyone there!! Stop by and see us at booth #218 while you're there and say hello. For those who couldn't make it RAP NY to see our beautiful showcase of corals... We've got you covered! This weekend we have over 350+ new eBay auctions and the website is loaded with tons of coral from our new update. eBay auctions start at $.99 cents with no reserves and you can combine all of you winning's into one low shipping cost! Click on any image below to go directly to the auctions. Click Here
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  6. Deltec is BACK MD is now the exclusive distributor for Deltec in the USA!
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  8. How a Media Reactor Works Article + Infographic!
  9. Dosing Deals: 10% Back on EVO 4 + 20% Off Supplements Better Reefing Through Chemistry! Setting Up an Aquarium Dosing Pump: It's Easier Than You Think!
  10. Hi all so I finally made my move to Port St Lucie last August and am settling in! i finallllyyyy was able to get a tank after the birth of my baby boy a month ago and just so happened upon a free 180 and stand! Picked it up today did a water test and everything looks good. So I'll be repaintongbthexsysbd and cleaning things to get this setup ASAP. πŸ‘πŸ˜€ A few pics to get started. I also need a hood, so if anyone has one laying around, lemme know.
  11. https://premiumaquatics.com/content/Exclusions https://premiumaquatics.com/category/led-aquarium-lighting.html?filter_brand_id=1234 https://premiumaquatics.com/category/led-aquarium-lighting.html?filter_brand_id=1040 https://premiumaquatics.com/products/pukani-dry-live-rock-40-pound-box.html Aside from our amazing Fathers Day Sales, Premium Aquatics has a new nem tank full of different species that we are going to continue to add to. Currently we have Long tentacle purple nems to rock nems and mini maxi's....and of course rose bubble tip anemone’s. Make sure you keep an eye out for new additions!
  12. We have 47 products currently in our Sale & Clearance Items. Make sure to check it out! https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html
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  14. For Father's Day weekend we decide to bring out some of our best WWC signature corals!! There is a 20% sale going on online this weekend and we just updated the website with 100+ new WYSIWYG corals. Scroll below to see just a taste of what is up!! Click here As always you can combine your website purchases with eBay auctions. We have 350+ new eBay auctions up ending Monday night at 8pm EST Click on any picture below to go!
  15. Produce Ultra-Pure Water β€” PLUS Earn 10% Back! Buy made in the USA AquaFX reverse osmosis products and earn 10x rewards!
  16. What you need? We got it.. Acropora Mille Frag Pack βˆ™ $320 βˆ™ $125! Branching SPS Frag Pack βˆ™ $160 βˆ™ $59! Euphyllia Frag Pack βˆ™ $200 βˆ™ $89! Shroom Pack βˆ™ $200 βˆ™ $89! Zoanthid Pack βˆ™ $300 βˆ™ $125! Starter Pack βˆ™ $220 βˆ™ $99! Mystery Starter Pack βˆ™ $200 βˆ™ $59!
  17. This week we have some staple WWC signature corals up for grabs on this weeks eBay auctions. These will take some quick bidding in order to win these!! WWC Helios, Category 5, Salted Agave, Kingpin Chalice, Christmas Mirabilis and more! Auctions start at $.99 cents with no reserves and begin to end Monday night at 8pm EST.
  18. I have a lionfish on the way, so this guy has to move out. Super healthy. 3" long Will trade for a frag. Pick up in Palm Beach Gardens
  19. Agreed, Charlie always does right.
  20. hey man, just a suggestion, bring the Setosa over to Charlie at Healthy Aquatics. He always wants frags of it. He always does right with me on trades. Nice frags too, someone better snatch them up
  21. https://premiumaquatics.com/category/fish.html?filter_brand_id=1243 https://premiumaquatics.com/products/sustainable-aquatics-fancy-longfin-clownfish.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/sustainable-aquatics-extreme-snowflake-clownfish.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/sustainable-aquatics-ocellaris-amphiprion-clownfish-aquacultured.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/aquatic-life-deionization-color-changing-resin-1l.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/aquatic-life-twistin-ti-100-gpd-3stage-ro-unit-tfc.html https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=LTC-ASTA https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html?filter_brand_id=1044
  22. Red Sea Rewards: Earn 10% Back on All Test Kits Unlock the "secrets" to maintaining high water quality by testing your water!
  23. Left to Right, top row - Cali Tort Acro, all large 2.5" + (Some are pushing 4" + now. For reference, they are all on 1" frag plugs) Left to Right, Bottom row - ORA Setosa, Cali Tort, ORA Hawkins Echinata, ??? , ORA Setosa - The ??? coral in my tank is in high light, and is a yellow with blue/purple tips. the frag shown is lower, on the frag rack. Sunburst Monti Cap - $35 (the edges are growth, not bleaching/dieing). Montipora palawanensis - Large frags, made when you show up, $25
  24. We are bringing the Flower Power to WWC!! All new beautiful Rock Flower Anemonies are upload on our website. These rock flowers are bigger then your average rock flowers and are sure to not dissapoint! Click Here
  25. eBay auctions are coming to a close tonight starting at 8pm EST. Don't miss out on the chance to get some high end collector pieces like WWC Helios, Christmas Mirabilis, Illuminati Zoa and more. Click here
  26. https://premiumaquatics.com/products/sicce-syncra-wifi-sdc-90-controllable-pump-10002500gph.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/sicce-bio-pellet-reactor-pump.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/aquatic-life-deionization-color-changing-resin-1l.html https://premiumaquatics.com/products/aquatic-life-twistin-ti-100-gpd-3stage-ro-unit-tfc.html https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=al-42038 https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=LTC-ASTA https://premiumaquatics.com/category/sale-clearance-items.html?filter_brand_id=1044
  27. Summer has officially begun here at WWC and we are bringing the heat!! We are kicking off this summer with 363 new eBay auctions. As always auctions start at $.99 cents with no reserves and you can combine shipping on orders. Auctions begin to close Monday at 8pm EST so don't delay. Click Here
  28. VIDEO: New AquaMaxx DC Pumps! Quiet, controllable, high-performance water pumps!
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