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  1. Hi all so I finally made my move to Port St Lucie last August and am settling in! i finallllyyyy was able to get a tank after the birth of my baby boy a month ago and just so happened upon a free 180 and stand! Picked it up today did a water test and everything looks good. So I'll be repaintongbthexsysbd and cleaning things to get this setup ASAP. 👍😀 A few pics to get started. I also need a hood, so if anyone has one laying around, lemme know.
  2. bump. Surely there's one out there!
  3. I've always ran one of those home depot cheap clip on shop lights. You don't need special lighting to grow cheato.
  4. Zoas and some chalices mixed in
  5. I'm trying! Got a guy trying to sell me a 265 here in va for 500, but it's a closed loop...
  6. Ah ok. Well I am certainly active and will be officially in the area on 8/16. Looking forward to the events and becoming a paid member. I have years and years of experience as well to help others. Also gotta find a new tank, lol
  7. This forum is so dead compared to other local clubs I have been in. Is there another section people post in for paid members or something I am missing?
  8. Ha a little to big and def not spending 5k...
  9. Moving to Port St. Lucie on the 16th and looking to buy a new setup as I sold mine up here in VA. Looking for a 210g to 300g with stand and canopy. Thanks.
  10. I was looking to add this site to my tapatalk. Is it on there as I cannot seem to find it.
  11. Anyone know any stores or the availability of being able to purchase a true marbled coral cat shark(Atelomycterus marmoratus) in the area would be? Provided I can find a larger tank, I will be looking for one.
  12. Sorry to hear you do not like the Goby. They are great to have especially if you want a nice clean sand bed! All the particles you see in the water column and actually help your water params by keeping the deitrus suspended in the water column and allowing it to go into your filter sock and/or skimmer. I hated mine at first but after a while the amount of particulate in the column will decrease and your sand bed will thank you!
  13. Well, Im thinking 300g or larger haha.
  14. Thanks all. Would love to attend the meet in March or any meet for that matter, I'm still up here is snowy Virginia until November.
  15. Hello all Babe is John. I just joined as Iam relocating to the Port St. Lucie area in November from Richmond, VA, so thought I would join since this mean the closest reef club. I have been in the hobby since 2007 and am members of Atlanta reef club and Richmond reef club. currently have a 150 tall mixed reef but predominantly sps. I'll be shipping my frags, colonies, and livestock down, but may take the opportunity to upgrade the tank. lookinh forward to participating and joint as a paid member. Here is a pic of my reef