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  1. ya, I should of said except mangroves, lol. But I will be adding some.
  2. Was out surf fishing and there was a ton of seaweed out there today on the treasure coast. Got me thinking. Anyone know what native plants/macro slows I can collect and add to my sump for additional filtration?
  3. I can assist as a moderator and become a paid member and all that. I do live in PSL though if it matters? I work from home and am on TT for other reef sites all day as my work allows me to do so, fortunately.
  4. Yep I use tapatalk for all other saltwater clubs/forums as well. If other groups are using with exception for this one, why is that? I do not believe it is due to spam/ads or whatever as it was told to me when I previously asked. Gotta stay up with technology or get left behind...
  5. yes, def need actual parameters in order to rule that out. Have you seen any bugs? How are they dying by bleaching or STN/RTN?
  6. I am open to helping out. I am an avid supporter of local clubs, sorry I just cant stand places like R2R and RC... If I can help get the club back im here. There are certainly enough people in the area with tanks! I just don't understand why people so not participate in discussions and such. I even stopped updating my build thread on here, as nobody looks or comments. Maybe its a S. Fla thing?
  7. Hello Looking to see if there is anyone around the area that could assist in getting my tank on it's stand. It's a 180g and just need it moved from the garage to its stand. I'm off of Gatlin blvd and Rosser. Would appreciate any help!! Let me know. I can also pay a bit as well. Thanks.
  8. I see the issue. My account only has a 9.77mb attachment limit. Any way to remove it fix that?
  9. Canopy built and functions as intended. Definitely not a pro job, since I'm not a carpenter by any means and this is my first anything I've built with wood lol Still cannot add a pic. Says max size is .09mb
  10. Ok, since the ones here in PSL are horrible, do you get discounts to those in Orlando and/or the ones in west palm area? Is there a list of stores where you get discounts I could see?
  11. found one.
  12. Was reading through a lot of OLD posts, lol Is this club going to remain a " reef club" or shutting down? just trying to determine if it is worth while becoming a paid member. Thanks.
  13. Mine fell and cracked, so looking for a replacement. Drilled for external pump is ok as well.
  14. Seeing if anyone has a canopy available to fit a standard 180g. let me know.
  15. Stand is coming along good. Finished painting and put doors on and new hinges/door knobs. Gonna go back over the doors with paint again however. Next will be building the canopy... Looks like I cannot post anymore pics