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  1. starting now till 9/11/2016 at 4pm Lowering the price On the Gyre, price is good only if you take both (2) Maxspect Gyre xf150 both for $476 or $250 each (1) Radion xr30w pro g3 for $575
  2. This all I have right now. This is probably not what your looking for. I'll be the first submitter I guess.
  3. Maxspect Gyre xf150 $250 each Radion xr30w pro g3 $600 These are brand new never open. I'm already taking a lost. I have receipt so you can register.
  4. Here is a forum with a video dual overflow and plumbing.
  5. I have received Vectra L1, (3) radion xr30w pro g4. I already had received my apex gold with, WXM, ALD, and LSM.
  6. I have the following for sale (2) Maxspect Gyre xf150 (1) Radion xr30w pro g3 Items can be seen here there is pics too
  7. Thank you. Will do.
  8. Yes. Friend from Margate welded. I designed it. I had it powder coated at Tolliver. If you need a welder I can give you contact info.
  9. So I have been working on a tank build since I think February. I had picked up a 224gal tank with almost everything for $600. UV, chiller, skimmer, pump, lights, rock, stand, and sump. I had been doing 55 gal FW for about 11 years. I had drawn up plans for a custom stand had it made up and powder coated. Had a drip pan made up. I have started buying efficient equipment and started receiving them. I have been trying to sell the other equipment to help fund the build. I have drawn up piping plans and another stand. Piping plan as not been updated yet. I had resealed tank and water tested a few months ago. I already mounted rodi in the garage. Will update as I progress.
  10. I have a skimmer posted at
  11. I can get you mp10w QD for $270 brand new and ship to you.
  12. I'm looking to sell stand and equipment. It can viewed at
  13. I have a black wood stand for a 24 x 72 tank. and I have t5's and halide. I also have asm gc-9 skimmer missing a part and a blueline 70 aqua pump.