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  1. any luck figuring out the cause?
  2. hey man, just a suggestion, bring the Setosa over to Charlie at Healthy Aquatics. He always wants frags of it. He always does right with me on trades. Nice frags too, someone better snatch them up
  3. anyone have T5 endcaps laying around? thanks
  4. updated grow out on the 25th figured it was close enough?
  5. ok thanks, a few people are looking for T5 fixtures that's why I asked. You will decide to keep reefing, maybe not now but in the future the bug will bite again. Keep that in mind if you sell off all your stuff and have to buy it all again in the future
  6. what brand is the T5, pics, price?
  7. here's an update , still not a lot going on with this one IMG_3214 by daddeee, on Flickr
  8. what ever happened to the aussie acro growout?
  10. but a three valve bypass before the chiller, you will be able to adjust the flow going through the chiller, and turn off the flow to the chiller without effecting the return here's a pic of a bypass that can be much shorter. Pretty simple, two tee's inline on return from pump. A valve between the tee's and valves on the bull of the tee's. You can throttle the valve down between the tees to adjust flow going through the chiller
  11. that's gonna be cool when they grow out
  12. here's the update, not a whole lot going on with this one IMG_2977 by daddeee, on Flickr
  13. when is the Aussie grow out update due? curious to see if any of the frags are growing well, mine appears to be the same as the day I brought it home, maybe even more brown lol
  14. why not grow something tangs can eat, dragons breath or gracilaria. Last go around I had blue ochtodes and dragons breath together in the sump. I would stay away from the ochtodes as fine pieces would make there way to the display and grow in the branches of corals and choke them out. It did grow super fast, fish ate it, but ended up fragging down all the birdnest colonies to get it out. I used to use a 120V clamp light with a pc bulb. One day I knocked the light into the sump, and it was a firework display. I then went with LED. Had a scrap piece of diamond plate that I cut for a heatsink. Jb welded 4 RB, 4CW and 1 green cause I had it laying around. Also had a 700ma driver laying around as well. Tell ya what, algae grew ridiculously better under LED than the pc spiral bulbs. I still have the LED array if you want to try it, doesn't do any good to anyone sitting in the garage, It's nothing fancy a 14"x4" heatsink with 9 led cluster in the middle. The driver would have to be wired back, and lenses re attached. I had it on a 55g sump and it spanned the width of the tank and didn't have to worry about knocking it in.