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  1. Time to break out the Christmas spirits and have a party, hope to see a bunch of members tonight and maybe even a few can be bribed with food and good times to run for office next year. See you all at 6pm
  2. I will have to decline the nomination, I expect by March I will no longer be in the aquarium hobby. I have sold the 60 and the 150 is almost ready to go. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mr Tim, maybe in a few years when the itch comes back. I would like to nominate Tim as Grand PoohBah (aka president) and I second all the other nominations as these seem like great people and hopefully they can continue to build the club.
  3. Sorry but no, just down sizing from multiple tanks to a single or maybe none.
  4. Nothing? Nobody looking for a great tank setup.
  5. that is Halloween scary!!
  6. I am hopeful for this one, count me +1 in for now.
  7. You all get very lucky again as I am out of town. This is a fun event people even if you are not an average bowler it is a fun time and good way to meet fellow reefers
  8. I am selling the 60 cube and would prefer to sell as a single package. The items are: Apex Jr - never opened / new still in box 60 Rimless Cube -- Reef Ready center bottom drilled back painted black (these were the ones on display at MACNA for AI Booth) Stand black custom made (guy makes stands for barrier reef) AI - Hydra light with wifi controller and mount (as seen in pictures) DC-6000 Jebao return pump (variable speed) WP-25 Jebao wave maker 4 - Channel Doser (currently only using 2 of them for Cal/Alk) ATO (DIY) Sump Marco rocks live rock (back piece is one large tower, forward are separate pieces) Various corals (nothing high end) Take it all for $700 (OBRO) ** not interested in piece meal at this time, want to sell it all to one person.
  9. Jason I have a 1/10 Current chiller I was getting ready to put up for sale, built in theromstat controls. Was working when I removed it from the 60 cube that I am going to be tearing down and selling off.
  10. I am out, unfortunately
  11. Don't forget to send in the pictures.
  12. Good Luck, very nice looking setup from the pictures.