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  1. Bubble King Mini 180. This thing is a beast. Excellent condition. $500. Call or text Matt. 561-255-2047 Coralife UV filter - 18 watt. Used by the PBMAS president for a few minutes (like new). Sold to me, but I'm not using it. $125.
  2. Premium Fiji and Haitian rock. Dry, ready to be put in a tank. Call or text Matt. 561-254-2047
  3. Haitian and Fiji dry rock - $1 per pound until it's all gone. Text me at 254-2047.
  4. I will be at my wife's company Christmas party
  5. Store you start a new one, you might want to finish the old one!
  6. Are your zoas still alive?
  7. Well I believe this grow out contest ended a few months ago, but here's my final entry. No winner was announced that I know of. The zoas are now in someone else's care. Did anyone else's survive?
  8. Gwen and I should be there
  9. 20 per bag
  10. If you don't have the sand yet, I have 3 20lb bags of live reef sand for cheap
  11. I'll take a half table if you have one for me
  12. Wait as long as you can or try putting one or two in and watch them for a week or so before adding any more
  13. Craigslist post deleted...hmmmm