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  1. Left to Right, top row - Cali Tort Acro, all large 2.5" + (Some are pushing 4" + now. For reference, they are all on 1" frag plugs) Left to Right, Bottom row - ORA Setosa, Cali Tort, ORA Hawkins Echinata, ??? , ORA Setosa - The ??? coral in my tank is in high light, and is a yellow with blue/purple tips. the frag shown is lower, on the frag rack. Sunburst Monti Cap - $35 (the edges are growth, not bleaching/dieing). Montipora palawanensis - Large frags, made when you show up, $25
  2. In our efforts to better serve the club, we are currently looking into new hosting for both the website as well as the forums. It is possible in the near future that the website and forums may be down for a few days, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If there is any down time, we recommend using the PBMAS forums that are hosted by ReefCentral. You can find them here: PBMAS Forums on ReefCentral Thanks for reading Randy
  3. Hey Jim, can't believe your taking the tank down. If there is an mp40 available, I'll take 1
  4. Yikes!
  5. OK, I'll go through you if that's OK. I'd like to buy the skimmer
  6. How do I get in touch with them? I would like to purchase a couple items
  7. Check to make sure the airway to the pump is not blocked anywhere, but also, a skimmer in RO (freshwater) will not produce the same or even near the same amount of bubbles as when it is in saltwater, because of the substantial difference in surface tension between the 2 types of water. You can see this for yourself. After the skimmer has run for a couple days in the "cleaning bucket solution", rinse it and the bucket, and then put the skimmer in the bucket with saltwater. Obviously, there wont be any organics for the skimmer to remove, but you will see bubble production from the skimmer.
  8. Is the tank drilled for a sump? What do you plan on keeping?
  9. What are you looking for? It's easier for me to answer that way. You could also come by and have a look
  10. I have lots of frags/mini colonies now. What are you looking for?
  11. Going with the votes cast, #11 won by vote. The upcoming photos contests will have some of the rules edited. As mentioned, this is obviously something we have to take more control of. Once the new/edited rules are confirmed, a copy of the rules will be posted as well as emailed to all members.
  12. 3 votes were cast Monday evening, the 27th, with the last one cast at exactly 9pm (the others were cast before that from different areas and times), they were the last votes to be cast. (I checked this information to confirm). I checked the voting IP addresses of those who voted, activity, membership status, etc. I saw that there were several votes from single IP addresses, (I am assuming these are family membership votes, I'm looking into that to see if they all signed up as a family). Couple quick things I found: Some of these members are not very active Some have not been active since last year Some have not been active or even posted anything as far back as 3 years, all from the same IP address, but they voted... The voting closed on the 28th, end of the day (which I will state in future polls, I assumed it would be known that the poll closes at the end of day stated). I just now closed the poll. It's obvious that we will have to become more strict about voting (possibly Members only), and if there are multiple votes from a single IP address, that IP address must belong to a member who holds an up to date family membership (which we can verify through our membership files), members that have never posted/voted/etc.
  13. Keep working on your salinity. Once that is at an acceptable level, then do a water change, and test your water a few hours later, then every other day completing 4 tests. After the 4th test, determine how much is being used. You need to determine what your systems uptake is of cal and Alk before starting to dose blindly. How often do you do water changes? What kind of corals are you keeping? One on my tanks I have is a 40g breeder here, softies and lps. No dosing at all, and only change the water every couple of months.