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  1. Gonna have to let this tank go as I have no room to keep it. I've had it covered and stored in a friends house now for a little over a year, and they are moving... I'll get another one from Felix when the time comes. I'll get more pictures up this week. The image with the sump is just to show the interior, and the last image is when I first got it. $2500 -150g Rimless ReefSavvy -Dimensions - 48x30x24 -3 Sided Starfire, 3/4" Glass, Black seals -Glass Internal/External Overflow/Drain boxes. External box is off the tank currently, but I will reattach it using Momentive RTV103 as it was previously attached when I built and installed the overflow boxes. Internal box is smoked to blend with the black background. -BeanAnimal Silent Drain System installed (Can handle just about any gph you want for this size system). All Drain and Return Plumbing is with the system. (Return Plumbing comes up over the back). All plumbing is hard secured to the stand. See Images -Custom Stand Built by Oceans Below - Formica White Interior (Sealed at all seams), and a Black Exterior. Both doors are held on with Magnets, so removing them is easy for plenty of access below with the hindrance of "open doors". -I built a custom lid for this tank also. Yes, it defeats the purpose of a rimless tank, but I didn't want to lose hundreds worth of jumpers. The lid is roughly 4.5" high, and has corner braces that you can drop a framed screen into. It is also open enough at the so that 1" returns can come over the back and into the tank. -There is a scratch on the left front glass, not noticeable when it has water in it. -You will need a sump. A 40g Breeder fits in the stand easily through the front. Pushed to 1 side as I had it, it leaves roughly 1 foot of space on the side and front of the sump. Plenty of room to pout dosing containers, etc. I had 3g Alk and Cal containers in there without issue. Easy to fill when needed.
  2. +1
  3. You can also drop a polyfilter in your sump and see if that provides any insight into a possible water condition issue
  4. Have you tested for chlorine and chloramine? Hit your local home depot for this test kit. Do you make your own top off water? Saltwater? After doing several water changes, your numbers testing as acceptable, you now need to look at things that havent changed, ie your source of water/s.
  5. Facebook Groups - Extremely fast responses because of the user base. I'm open to start one, but the issue is, as Minkota mentioned, having ppl to moderate it. The FB group needs to be monitored daily. I don't have the time to do this myself. As it is now, I have to log into the PBMAS site administration pages everyday to check for new members. If someone tried registering, I have to approve the member, but its not just a click away. I have to trace the IP address for location, abuse, and provider... not from the admin page, but from 5 other websites to confirm that it is not spam/robots. If someone wants to dedicate the daily time to moderate the PBMAS Group, I'd be happy to make one. But the person/s need to know that it's not just clicking "ok" and letting a post be approved. It means approving the members, making sure they are "local'ish" within reason, monitoring what is posted so that it stays within the purpose of the group, and several other aspects. Tapatalk - The reason Tapatalk was removed was because it was using up server resources (PBMAS is on shared hosting), and we were going over our limits and getting warnings about site shutdowns. I use TT myself and do miss having it here. It can be used again, but it will mean paying for either more bandwidth or a new host. I can and will look into TT to see if their coding has been updated since the last time (most likely has been since they have gone through several iterations), and also check on the cost. TT is free for users but not for the host. It requires a monthly fee which is inexpensive, but also requires an Apple IOS Developer account and a Google Developer account. Also, I went through roughly 4 days time, not too long ago, on the phone with support for our forums because of spam/ads etc. I ended up upgrading services so that those issues could be resolved. Tim has also gone through countless hours in the past resolving issue with spam and server overages. Rest assured, it wasn't wind. If I remember correctly, when TT was removed from PBMAS, Tapatalk themselves admitted to having issues with spam and their API's, on thousands of forums. Please keep questions and comments coming. I don't want to see the club fade away either.
  6. All valid questions and statements. Hopefully I can provide some insight and answers. This club has declined over the last 6 years (as long as I've been here as a member). Only 2 ppl have held the President position over the last 6 years (Tim and Jeff, correct me if I'm wrong), and both of them as well as the Officers have gone the distance in trying to get ppl involved in meetings, events and so on, and have had the same results that I had this past Saturday... Members don't get involved. Our Frag Swaps and Xmas Dinner seem to be what people show up for. There have been numerous attempts at getting members involved by way of Bowling, Meetings, Guest Speakers (which is both expensive and time consuming), Beach Clean-ups, BBQ's and so on, and as mentioned with the last Fishbowl, attendance drops at each event/gathering to a point where it is just the Officers showing up. It's very disheartening to the Officers when they take time out of their lives and make every attempt, and spend countless hours organizing things for the members and nobody responds to or attends. I'd be happy to open a forums for suggestions, but honestly don't see many people getting involved (I would love to be wrong here). Tim sent a mass email and created a thread here on the forums Here about the club needing "new blood" just this past December when it was time to nominate new officers and it was myself and 1 officer whom replied... not one other person... Tim also, some time ago, has started posts here on the forums, asking the members what they wanted... Out of the 1300+ registered forum members, less than 5 ppl responded, and half were officers. We have a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. People "like" the page/image/etc and then never come back, even when new content is added. Our FB page see's the most action before frag swaps, and then nothing after that until the next one. So I ask why? If paid members do not wish to participate, we cannot force them to. Just last week I finally got the paid member list completed/cleaned up. I sent a mass email out reminding people to sign back up and only 2 ppl have responded to that email. I ask, why didn't those members sign back up? It's not because the officers of this club haven't tried to provide activities. As mentioned, I will create a forum for suggestions. Also, I will update the webpage as soon as I get a chance. I've been slowly taking care of issues with the site, forums and pages. IMO, and this is my opinion alone... This is a tough club/crowd of hobbyists. I've been in clubs where there were similar numbers of members and turn outs were always substantial at any event; they wanted to be involved and talk reef every chance they got. For whatever reason, the members in this area do not get involved except for the frag swap and Xmas dinner. The couple members who do are the usual's and the officers. These are the ppl who want and get something out of their membership.
  7. The Fishbowl has been cancelled due to lack of participation. Almost 50 views, but not one person showed any interest.
  8. 25 views, and sadly not one response...
  9. Come out and join some of your friends in the club. Where: Greenacres Bowl When: Saturday July 29th at 7pm Why: Why not? Plus the bowler with the highest score of the night will win a coral valued around $50. 3 others will win a coral valued between $20-$25. Price: FREE SHOES AND 3 GAMES TO PAID MEMBERS. Family members and non-paid members will get a discounted price. Take advantage of your paid membership and enjoy the evening! Please rsvp here in the thread so we have a head count. Hope to see ya there.
  10. Looking good. CHeck the file size of your image, it may be too large to load to the forums
  11. Left to Right, top row - Cali Tort Acro, all large 2.5" + (Some are pushing 4" + now. For reference, they are all on 1" frag plugs) Left to Right, Bottom row - ORA Setosa, Cali Tort, ORA Hawkins Echinata, ??? , ORA Setosa - The ??? coral in my tank is in high light, and is a yellow with blue/purple tips. the frag shown is lower, on the frag rack. Sunburst Monti Cap - $35 (the edges are growth, not bleaching/dieing). Montipora palawanensis - Large frags, made when you show up, $25
  12. In our efforts to better serve the club, we are currently looking into new hosting for both the website as well as the forums. It is possible in the near future that the website and forums may be down for a few days, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If there is any down time, we recommend using the PBMAS forums that are hosted by ReefCentral. You can find them here: PBMAS Forums on ReefCentral Thanks for reading Randy
  13. Hey Jim, can't believe your taking the tank down. If there is an mp40 available, I'll take 1