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  1. We have landed at RAP New York and we are excited to see everyone there!! Stop by and see us at booth #218 while you're there and say hello. For those who couldn't make it RAP NY to see our beautiful showcase of corals... We've got you covered! This weekend we have over 350+ new eBay auctions and the website is loaded with tons of coral from our new update. eBay auctions start at $.99 cents with no reserves and you can combine all of you winning's into one low shipping cost! Click on any image below to go directly to the auctions. Click Here
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  3. What you need? We got it.. Acropora Mille Frag Pack ∙ $320 ∙ $125! Branching SPS Frag Pack ∙ $160 ∙ $59! Euphyllia Frag Pack ∙ $200 ∙ $89! Shroom Pack ∙ $200 ∙ $89! Zoanthid Pack ∙ $300 ∙ $125! Starter Pack ∙ $220 ∙ $99! Mystery Starter Pack ∙ $200 ∙ $59!
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