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  1. I have a lionfish on the way, so this guy has to move out. Super healthy. 3" long Will trade for a frag. Pick up in Palm Beach Gardens
  2. Le Russo Designs light mount. Mount your lights parallel with your tank! Fits Sol/Vega/Hydra $50 *not my tank
  3. Want to buy (2) Kessil mounting arms & controller.
  4. Found a set. Thanks!
  5. Controller for Nano/Sol/Vega/Hydra Can operate wireless or hard-wired, power cable & data cable included. Latest firmware loaded. Pick up in Palm Beach Gardens $35
  6. Need (2) Prime's or (2) Hydra 26's in black
  7. PM sent regarding QD's
  8. SOLD
  9. Sorry, forgot price- $135
  10. Excellent condition. Pickup in Palm Beach Gardens
  11. 48" with 6" extensionExcellent condition $45Pick up in Palm Beach Gardens
  12. PM sent regarding table. Thank you