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  1. Can you post water test results?
  2. Agreed, Charlie always does right.
  3. It's free - just looking to give some out. Let me know when you can come by.
  4. If anyone needs a handful, I'm in East Boynton.
  5. Marine Scenes off Federal. Charlie is the owner of Healthy Aquatics.
  6. Going to be putting sand in my reef again. Was thinking about using fiji pink. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. He's whatever damsel looks like a lemon chromis when it's a juvenile.
  8. I have a big Iwaki pump since it's a 180g. Felt the flow was too much to put chiller inline. Might not be an issue with a 60g tank.
  9. I have my chiller on its own loop.
  10. He's about 5-6". Had him for a few years. Won't be able to get picture because he's in the refugium now. Looking to trade.
  11. That's correct, the chemicals they make and the water will still be available. I also believe limited corals will still be available.
  12. He's still going to be selling water.
  13. When is the swap?
  14. Looking for any big soft corals.