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  1. We just got in a new shipment of corals and I must say they are spectacular. We received some nice Bleeding Apple and War Paint Scolymias along with a great new selection of Aussie Acans and Blastos. Need some movement in your tank? We have Duncans, Torches, Hammers, and Frogspawn all at great prices. If soft corals are more your speed we have some great premium zoanthids like Cornbred Jawbreakers and Crown Royals along with our usual excellent selection of softies. If you haven’t been in the shop before now would be a good time to check us out. We are offering a free $15 frag with any purchase of $100 this Saturday 1/11/14! We are almost done with our expansion and suffice to say it is going to allow us to provide even more of the same great prices and selection you’ve come to know and love. If you are looking for exceptional corals at incredible prices we are the store for you! STORE HOURS: Saturday: 10am – 5pm Sunday-Friday: By appointment only Call or Text (561)722-2597 or (561)722-0936 to set up an appointment Blue Earth Corals and Aquariums LLC 5791 Desoto Rd Lake Worth, FL 33463