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  1. Caught this guy this morning but couldn't get a focused pic... We have counted many species of fish under this pier. From Angels to lionfish to sharks...and some really big snook
  2. Here are a couple more pice I took.
  3. There are a few U/W cameras...but I like the deerfield pier the best. Depending on tide/time of day/wind the water can be really clear. I have seen turtles, tarpon, snook snapper trigger and tons of ornamentals...really cool....and free Keith
  4. Merry Christmas to all you reefers...may Santa bless your tank.
  5. I am still in...just been unable to get a pic posted.
  6. We have seen them twice. David They are so small that we can't find them so we don't know if they are eating. Mike hit me back this weekend if you are around.
  7. Today is a very special day for Janice and I and whenever I looked in the tank early this morning I seen 2 baby Cardinals . ....what a miracle for us
  12. Still in the same place. Same water parameters. Same lighting.
  13. Mike you can check mine out on Sunday.
  14. No we are waiting on Ted to try it