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  1. Hi all, So due to an upcoming trip that will be for over a month, I've decided to try and sell off my reef tank if possible rather than having a company come out to service it weekly. I've compiled a list of most of the items that would be included in the sale. The price is $2,500 for everything and pickup would have to happen prior to June 20th. If I cant sell it by that point then I will be keeping everything and just have the tank serviced while I am gone. I'd be happy to show you the tank in person. Next to the items I've put a price that I think I would be able to sell everything for individually as to give an idea on the overall value by purchasing everything together. For someone with some time, you could essentially keep all the livestock and sell the equipment which should pay for almost all the livestock. I do not have the time to do this. I am located in Lake Worth. I do not plan on parting out unless you want every piece of coral, rock, sand, and fish. EQUIPMENT: 1 75g Tank - $200 Stand - $50 40b Sump - $50 ATI Sunpower 8x54w (new ATI Bulbs) -$370 Tunze 6095 Pump - $115 Tunze 6095Pump - $115 Apex Controller - $275 AquaMaxx Cone 2 In-Sump Skimmer - $150 BRS 4 STAGE RO/DI SYSTEM - 75GPD - $65 150W EHEIM JAGER AQUARIUM HEATER - $15 150W EHEIM JAGER AQUARIUM HEATER - $15 TUNZE OSMOLATOR 3155 ATO - $100 Mag 12 Drive - $75 Bubble Magus Dosing Pump $135 AquaVida Ceramic Liverock - $200 TOTAL: $1,930 CORALS & FIsh 1 Yellow Tang 1 Clown Fish 1 Anthia 1 Chromie 1 Wrasse WWC Blueberry Fields WWC Mardi Gras Cyphastrea Purple Scroll WWC Spitfire Favites Tyree Mayan Sun Favia WWC Red Velvet Acro WWC Blueberry Fields 500 Dollar Efflo Acro WWC Purple Candle Acro WWC MEAT CORAL SCOLY ORA SPONGODES LENG SI PURPLE CAP TYREE UNDATA BLUE / GREE ACROPORA GREEN MONTI WITH ORANGE POLYPS ORANGE TORCH SETOSA LARGE BLUE STAG LARGE GREEN STAG DUNCANS TYREE PINK LEMONADE UC STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE SPACE INVADERS PECTINIA ULTRA BLASTOS FX Sour Apple TOTAL: Who knows, but I paid over $2k for these most of which were frags and now have years of growth. Many are mini colonies or bigger. Some still frags. Some Large colonies for a 75g tank. Here are some pictures from a few months ago
  2. Bleeding Apple Scoly - $100 Duncan (around 20 heads) - $40 Pickup in Lake Worth
  3. I have a colony of these probably around 40-50 polyps. I am having trouble taking a good picture of them, but they look like the below picture I found online but a bit more towards purple and not pink. The green & orange is the same. Asking $20 picked up.
  4. Price reduced to $20. Would like this thing off my sand bed!! Any takers at $20? Its a very nice piece and nice size
  5. Selling some items I no longer need or plan to use. Two Little Fishies PhosBan 150 - $30 CaribSea 10lbs Live Sand - $10 (bag never opened) BRS GFO 2lbs - $10 (about 75% left) Fusion Quiet One Air Pump - $10
  6. Daimyo has provided some good advice. I personally prefer to have dkh around 7.5-8.5 but thats just preference. For me it seems corals thrive more in that zone and are particularly a bit more at risk when DKH gets into the 9s, but that may just be my own anecdote. Also I'd try to get the ph levels down a little, but it doesnt look like you have algae problems so dont worry about it too much
  7. Broke this off cleaning the tank today. Its about 3 inches long by2 inches tall. Very nice piece. $30 and its yours.