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  1. Been trying to brush up on my chemistry. Good little read. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2002/11/chemistry
  2. They develop their color as they grow. This is awesome news especially with this being a very popular fish.
  3. Awesome tank but thats a crazy amount of coin on that tank. I feel like for 150k euros you could have had something much nicer.
  4. I do as well if your still looking... nothing fancy. Greenacres
  5. I'll bring it today to the meeting.
  6. That thing is pretty sweet. If I had the extra cash I would totally pick that up.
  7. That was a really interesting video... Thanks!
  8. We here at PBMAS have been working very hard to bring our members new events, swaps, contests, raffles, etc. We have also been working behind the scenes to further our organization in order to open ourselves to future opportunities. Today we received notification from Uncle Sam granting our humble organization 501©3 status and officially making us a not for profit organization!!! Let's celebrate by having a great frag swap! Carlos
  9. Thanks for the list! Best place to get a power inverter ? Harbor Freight or Auto parts store?
  10. That's awesome. I've never had a clownfish host anything lol.